Paper Dolls

Fully Articulated Figures in Paper (pictures)

Wearable Art

Create a drawstring purse for useful and ornamental amusement. Do a little hand sewing or do a lot (your choice), collage, stitch, bead & embellish your bags with materials you have gathered. Enjoy a some creative play and develop a piece of wearable art! (step-by-step instructions)

Paper Dream Theatre

Old Fashioned Toy Theatre (pictures and instructions)

Box Dolls

Box Doll Sisterhood (pictures and step-by-step instructions)

Keepsake Box

Step-by-step Instructions!

Nest Building Boxes

Click image for more pictures of Nest Building Boxes.

Dressed for Tea

Dressed for a Tea Party

Image on left.

Vintage Christmast Tree & Tags

Vintage Christmast Tree & Tag Ornaments, click image for more pictures!

Seasonal Inspirations

Wishing you a year filled with magic.

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