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The Artful Storybook

Artful Cover
Cover art by Catherine Moore

The Artful Storybook: Mixed-Media Artists Create Handmade Tales, by Terry Taylor

Once upon a time...storybooks held a special place in our lives, filling our hearts with wonder. Thanks to this extraordinary crafting anthology we can experience that magic again in a marvelous new way by recreating and reinterpreting the picture book. An overview outlines a variety of structures and techniques, from simple collage to gluing. But above all, these highly visual pages offer ideas and inspiration, with talented artists presenting lovingly designed story spreads and covers. Take a fantasy vacation via a travel booklet fashioned from vintage, nostalgic postcards. Follow The Queen of Tarts in a story that unfolds in a miniature puppet theater motif. And two different artists offer their revised versions of a classic: The Princess and the Pea.

Artwork achieved with Character Constructions Queen of Tarts Collection

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